Tropical Oceans By: Niya

The Tropical Oceans contain many of the most
beautiful things in the world, they are located in
between the Tropicals of Capricorn and Cancer.
Many sections such as the Pacific, Atlantic, and
Indian oceans play a role to make up many
enviorments for the species that live under
water. Most of the enviorment are coral reefs.
There is said to be only 2,000 coral reefs left.

external image Coral_reef.jpg

Tropical ocean tempature chart
Tropical ocean tempature chart


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Sea anemones spend their life time on a rock or a coral. Since they can't move to get their food they sometimes get their food by cathing plankton as its floating. Sometimes they catch their food by using their tentacles filled with poision.
Sea urchins are about four inches and they come in many sizes and colors. They have about a thousand tube-like feet.
The common colors they come in is light pink and purple. Sea Urchins live in the mid-level or low-level of the sea. They eat mostly seaweed,but sometimes they eat small bits of plants and animals.
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Clown fish are said to be two to five inches, but they can be bigger. They come in many different colors,but the colors they mostly come in is orange,yellow or blue. Clown fish live in sea anemones and while they do they move slowly so they can't get stung by their poison tentacles. Instead of catching their own food the eat the leftovers of fish and plankton and sometimes seaweed. Did you know that the female is bigger than the male?
The Barbor's seahorse come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They live all over the world in cold waters. When divers look for them they are rarely seen.This is common
because when predators are hungry the seahorses blend in with their background.
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the tropical ocean food chain


A Kelp Forest spends most of its
life on a rocky coast line. They live
in that spot because you know all
plants rely on the sun's energy and
thats exactly what the kelp forest
does. Did you know that everyday
kelp forest grow thirty centimeters.
A Tropical ocean Kelp forest
A Tropical ocean Kelp forest

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Feather stars are very brittle like stars.
They only have five arms like many
other stars.They feed on many suspended
materials such as plankton. Feathered stars
live in many places they can find. They usually
live in places where they can't be found.They
that because many predators have feathered
stars on their menu.
Starfish are very like feathered fish.
They have five arms and come in
many colors. They live along
beaches or on rocks along the coastline.
They have very flat bodies and their mouth
is on the inside of their body. Their skin is
very leather like. Did you know that some
starfish have 44 arms?
Tropical ocean starfish
Tropical ocean starfish

Zoanthids come in many sizes and colors.
They are mainly like coral, but they aren't.
They grow like corals do. They grow from
polyps that died. Zoanthids don't grow like
corals do. Instead of growing as one large
tower the grow in big groups. Zoanthids
also get their food the same way corals do.
As the water flows by the get the plankton
at the same time.
Tropical ocean Zoanthids
Tropical ocean Zoanthids

picture of tropical ocean
picture of sea anemone