Temperate Forest


The Temperate forest is located in the eastern half of the United States,Canada,Europe,parts of Russia, China,and Japan.


The Cardinal is a type of birds in the grosbeak family. Its favorite thing to eat is seeds. It is currently non-threatened. You can find these birds on the Woodland edge, Thickets, parks, and gardens. The countries, and continents you can find these in are the U.S.A., Mexico, Guatemala, New England, and the Gulf coast. Scientists call this bird "Cardinalis."
Spring peeper

The spring peeper is an amphibian.It likes to eat insects. Currently non-
threatened. It is in the family of the frogs and toads. Scientists call it the Hyla crucifar. You can find this animal in the S.E., Canada, U.S.A, South to central Florida, and West to Texas. A female Spring Peeper lays 800 to 1,000 eggs, one at a time. The male frog fertalizes the eggs.
THE spring peeper

Wild boar

The Wild boar is a mammal.(Which means it gives birth to young alive.) Wild boars eat roots and tubers.The Wild boar is in the family of the pig. This is a non-threatened animal.It lives in the forests and woodlands.Scientists call it Sus scrofa.The Wild boar breed in the summer except the Europe Wild boar.

Rat snake

The Rat snake is non-threatened. It is a reptile and small mammal. In the family of the Lizard and snake.Scientists call it Elaphe obleseta. It lives in the forests, swamps, farmland, and wooded slopes.You can find this animal in southern Canada,

Rain fall

The Temperate forest gets 60 inches of rain per year.


The plants in the Temperate forest adapt to the changing seasons.

Food Chain

picture of cardinal

wild boar