Ponds & Lakes

By: Ricardo

This is the Lake in San Antonio. Many birds live in here.So do fish,frogs and other cool animals live there ,too.You should try to visit!!!!!!
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Ponds and Lakes Plants

This is a flower called a Cascadekoi flower. It one of the most romantic flowers in this country.They are pretty much about semi rare. As you can see they look pretty, right?These plants are special plants that can live in water without drowning.
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This is a Wine Water Iris. This is about the some thing as the top flower but not as popular, a darker purple and has a sweeter scent.
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This pretty flower is a Nymphaea Water Lily. These are just like lily pads by floating on the water, but frogs don't hop on them and that's a fact!There are plenty of these at most ponds. People from back in the days said that when rained and the little puddles where there, there was already one of these flowers there!
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This is a normal Lilies but pink. These live on lily pads like the one on top of this flower. It is the same exact thing as that one except for the fact that is pink instead of white.
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Ponds and Lakes Animals

This fish is called a Nudibranch.They are located in China. They use those orange spikes to scare off bigger fish but, they are actually as sharp as paper! If the bigger fish are not fooled, the Nudibranch will use those pincers and fight!
external image 300px-Spanish_shawl.JPG
This is a platypus. These creatures are some times scared of kids. The kids think they are aliens since it is a mixture of a duck and a beaver and start freaking out. But the platypus gets scared because he thinks the kids are the aliens!
external image platypus-03-swimming.JPG
This is a small mouth bass and as you can tell by the name, it has a very small mouth! That is why it is very hard to catch and only very good fishermen could possibly catch them.This little critter has a very still diet of plankton.
external image smllmthbss.jpg
This is a Strawberry Dart Frog and is nicknamed a Blue Jeans Frog and you can tall why, right?If not, it has blue legs. This creature lives in rain forest and ponds eats a lot of insects.

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

Ponds And Lakes Food Chain

Food Chain Of Ponds And Lakes

Rainfall Of Ponds And Lakes

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