African Grasslands (Savannas)


About the grassland (Africa)

Africa is a beautiful flat place were all kinds of animals play and have freedom. There is only streams and rivers that contain water. So there is very little water. Luckily the water never dries up. Almost every animal in Africa eats grass so there is plenty food to go around the plain. Some of the animals like to bask in the sun. Some like to be shaded. Whatever you like I sure hope my page is one of them.
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World Savannahs
World Savannahs


There is a little helpful animal. This animal is a meerkat. Meerkats are helpful because they mix up the soil and dig holes so water can travel through the ground. In the winter the go in there holes to hibernate. He would make a good gold digger.
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You might think that a frog is a little critter that sits on a lily pad on the pond. wait till you see this frog! This frog is called the goliath frog. It can grow to about one foot each year about the time he dies he will be 20 feet! Talk about a monster frog. He loves to sit down and catch flies,misquitos. Good luck David.
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This is the king of the jungle. The top of the food chain. Don't make him mad hes the lion.He loves to eat Deer, zebras, hippos, antelope, and warthogs. He is the one who stays home with the cub while the mother goes hunting for dinner. His giant paws could knock down 10 men. Thats a strong animal. The lion sleeps all day and is very active all night. Hes' a good dad and a good guard from danger. Hes a big cat. Here kitty.
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This is a hyena. He is a very quiet dog like animal. The hyena likes to eat lion cubs,muskrat, meerkats, birds, hornbills , And fish. He lives in the elephants graveyard. He chews on bones to keep his teeth very sharp to cut through tough meat. He is faithful animal to be with. Look he likes you.

African Grassland Food Chain

Food Chain


Isn't this flower beautiful? It is a African pink bud. It has a gas smell that will put you to sleep right away. What is really weird about the pink bud is that when it sways it begins to hiss. This is not a friendly plant.When he sprays the scent and you fall asleep almost nothing will wake you up. Hope you brought your pillow because its off to dreamland for you.
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This is a pretty weird looking flower. Am i right. It looks like that to scare off predators. It looks like a mutant flower. This flower has poison in its spikes. It may seem weird but that flower is actually edible. Don't eat it though. You'll be dead by then. When you go looking for this flower bring a shovel and coffin.
Bat Face
Bat Face

Watch out! Don't touch that flower. This flower may be beautiful but it is very poisonous. If you touch it or eat it you will only choke and or faint. If you are looking for a center peace don't pick this flower. This is a rare African plant. It is called the African blue petunia. If you pick it might destroy the rest of your flowers by letting out a special liquid it is a very pretty plant though. I bet the bees will enjoy it in heaven better than sitting on that flower.
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This plant is called firework. It is not deadly or poisonous yet. It will be in one thousand years after the next lunar eclipse thats about In three years. The firework plant is very soft inside but outside it almost impossible to open there is only one way to open a firework.....Cut it open with a chainsaw. "It gets loud in the lab with that saw going." Says explorer James .H.Haro. Well Mr.Haro all I can say is to bring your chain saw and some earmuffs.
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