The Sahara Desert


The Sahara Desert is known to be one of the most hottest place in the world! The Sahara desert is in fact, the hottest desert. I wonder, how could this place get so hot? One thing, is that it gets only about five inches a year! Thats about an average glass of water. They also get a lot of sunlight. Even when it is winter. Like I said, the Sahara desert is really hot!

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert Map

This is a picture of a map of the Sahara desert. But,there are more deserts in the world. Some are even in America! All I'm doing is the Sahara desert though. On the map, it shows where the Sahara desert is in the world,and that is in the corner.Sahara_Desert_Map.jpg


The fenec fox is the smallest fox in the world. You are probably thinking,"Why are the ears so BIG!?" They are big because,the ears keep the foxes cool in the hot desert. The fox's eyes are big too because, the fenec fox is nocturnal and he needs to see in the dark and that is what the big eyes are for. Most foxes are red or brown. But this fox is tan because, it helps him blend in with the sand so he can stay safe from predators. In case you have not noticed,from my picture, the fenec fox has hairy feet. The hairy feet is used to help the fox NOT to burn his or her feet in the blazing hot sand.
Fenec Fox
Fenec Fox

This is a scorpion. Usually, scorpions are NOT poisonous. A trick to know how poisonous the scorpion is,is to see how fat the body is. The fatter the body, the less poison it has.
Desert Scorpion
Hello, camels! Camels often stay ali ve for a long time without water... Or not! You see,camels keep water and fat in their hump(s) to save food for when they need it. People who live in the desert,use camels to travel.


Rattle snakes are very poisonous if you didn't know. This rattle snake has a red rattle. Speaking of rattles, for a warning, the snake rattles his tail. If you don't back up, he bites you! There is 98.9 percent you will die. So, good luck!
Rattle Snake


This is a saguaro cactus. The Saguaro cactus can live for over thousands of years. Do you know why? They grow slow. In about 10 years, the cactus is about 5 inches tall. A lot of times, the saguaro cactus is home to many small animals. Maybe owls and all kinds of different birds. The cactus has a wooden frame inside. That way,germs will not get in.
This is a Barrel Cactus. A barrel cactus is one of the fattest cacti in the world. The barrel cactus, however, is hollow. That is why they are called "Barrel Cacti." They have weird spines shaped like flowers,too.


This is a mariposalily. You don't see them much because they bloom after rainfall. The flower has petals that feel like leather and they are thinner than a tooth pick!


This is a picture of a Welwitschia. This plant can live for over two thousand years! Wow, this is a legendary plant. This plant,however,looks like its dead. But it isn't. The plant is two leaves that keep on splitting and growing at the same time for two thousand years! Like I said, This is a legendary plant.

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Sahara Desert picture
Fenec Fox
Desert Scorpion
Sahara Desert Rattle Snake
Sahara Desert Camel
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Sahara Desert Map
Barrel cactus
The Welwitschia