Go to the discussion tab and answer Questions 1 and 2.
Biome Map of the World

Watch the video below.

Biome Video

The following are biomes you may research and create your own wikispace for. Please let Mrs. Victory know which biome you will be picking as it will be necessary for two students to do the same biome. Otherwise, there are no repeats allowed.

Temperate Rain Forests
Tropical Rain Forests
Sahara Desert
American Desert
Temperate Forest
Grassland (American)
Grasslands (African)

Temperate Oceans
Tropical Oceans

You will be designing your own wikispace. To get an idea what kind of things you will need to put on your wikispace, go to the discussion page and look at Websites #1-#3. Make comments after viewing the student created websites.

Click here for the scoring rubric.

Below, you will find some internet resources you may use to find information about your biome region.
National Geographic Ecoregions
Missouri Botanical Gardens
Enchanted Learning
Blue Planet
Introduction to Biomes

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