American Deserts

Southwest US deserts are
known to have extreme heat up to120digris . It may be hot but many animals live in the deserts like the jackrabbit,rattlesnake and fox.
It is dry and there is vary few plants it is amazing that so many animals can find homes so easily.

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The rattlesnake is one of the most toxic of all snakes in the world it is so toxic that it can kill a deer. The rattlesnake loses parts of its rattle as it gets older.The rattlesnake can also move up to 10 miles per hour at full speed.Its fangs can grow to be to be 1/2 in long at full growth.
picture of the american desert fox
picture of the american desert fox
The desert fox feeds on rabbits and birds that are sick. So that they can not fight back or run away.The fox can run 45 miles per hour at full speed.The foxes teeth can grow from 2in to 3inat full size.

The jack rabbit is an amazing animal. The jack rabbit
can also grow to three feet tall it is one of the biggest rabbits in the USA.A jack rabbit can live in the desert because of it's animal adaptations. It can also live in the desert because there are little shrubs on the desert floor that are eaten by the Jack Rabbit.
picture of the american Jack Rabbit
picture of the american Jack Rabbit

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The golden bar cactus
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The Fish Hook Cactus


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Sonoran Desert Precipitation Map


Picture of wolf
American Kestrel
Fish hook cactus
Climate chart and map of deserts